During their current tour supporting Saves the Day, I got a chance to sit down with Colin Frangicetto, guitarist and founding member of the rising post-hardcore entity that is Circa Survive, and have this lengthy conversation which you can all now read below. While most online discussions regarding this band always seem to come back to Anthony Green’s departure from Saosin, just listen to Juturna to clearly see which band came up ahead. Thanks to Judy at Warm Fuzzy Publicity for setting up the interview, and to Colin for allowing me to take 45 minutes of his time and answer all my questions. This interview took place on April 2, 2006 in Boston, MA.

Sev: Let’s start off talking about this tour. This has been one of the biggest US tours you’ve done, if not in room size, but in terms of sheer demand. Now that you’ve been on the tour for about a month, what have been your overall impressions so far?

Colin: This has been by far probably our favorite tour, just because Saves the Day are kind of heroes to us. We all grew up listening to them, and Moneen is such a great band. Actually, every band on this tour has been so great. There’s this band, Pistolita, that opened the tour, and Drive By is on it now. Just the amount of camaraderie on this tour has been overwhelming. Everyone has been so rad, and I feel that we’re at a point now where we’re really playing to our potential as a live band. We have really kind of grown into what we’re doing live, and I think that it’s a perfect mix of playing to people that already know us, and then a big majority of the room not knowing us, so we’re still playing to new people.